Welcome to our BioDAO Blueprint on how to launch, manage, and grow a BioDAO to give you a simple and actionable roadmap for new BioDAO Builders that want to take their idea to a thriving and resilient organisation.

📑 Different forms of BioDAOs

Community & Therapeutic Areas

Convert existing communities or individuals interested in a specific therapeutic area into a DAO. Some examples of this are VitaDAO & PsyDAO, which are now actively supporting research in their respective areas. Furthermore, there also actively support and educate the community with AMAs, Twitter Spaces, and other content.

Nonprofits and Patient Organisations

Structuring nonprofits and patient organisations as DAOs to use Web3 fundraising mechanism for public goods allows more people to actively take a role in the BIO Ecosystem to support neglected and underfunded research areas. In addition, it enables them to create new value layers in the therapeutic space – an excellent example is Crowdfunded Cures and To Cure a Rose.

Service Provider DAOs

The DeSci and BioDAO space is rapidly growing. With the Adoption of the IP-NFT Standard and more and more efforts in conducting research in a decentralized way, we will see more and more DAOs that are actively building tools and services for researchers, such as LabDAO & CureDAO.

Investment Syndicate

A DAO does not have to consist of a large number of contributors - it can start as small as two individuals that collectively want to pool funds and support therapeutic research over our Discovery Platform as a Syndicate.


A BioLAO can be a community of BIO enthusiasts and experts supporting the work of researchers and builders through advice and capital.

🧬 The BIO DAO Lifecycle

DAOs grow in stages, from an idea to a fully grown organisation. Below is an example of a typical growth sequence for a BioDAO, segmented into specific building blocks. Molecule will provide support at each of these stages.

Molecule frameworks1024_1.jpg

🛣 Formation Leader(s) + Purpose + Roadmap